Man Follows Woman To Gas Station ATM, But Clerk’s Gut Instinct Tells Him Something’s Not Right

January 9, 2017 - By Diana M. Nichols

The saying “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” is one we can all relate to.

A gas station clerk in Philadelphia took his bad feeling as a warning, and he became a hero.

In November 2015, gas station clerk Manveer Komer was working at night when a couple went inside the convenience store.

The man waved to Komer when he walked in, then led the woman to the ATM.

Instantly, Komer got a bad feeling. He didn’t know it at the moment, but there was an alleged crime in progress.

Unable to withdraw cash, the man then led the woman to the cashier to buy cigarettes for him.

Just as they were about to leave, Komer acted on his instinct and stopped the woman at the door.

Surveillance video shows him maneuvering himself specifically in front of the woman, bravely blocking her from the man.

“You come behind my back. I help you. No problem,” he says in the video below, recalling what he told the woman.

The clerk then confronted the man, and though the man reached into his jacket as if he had a weapon, he fled in the car they arrived in.

Surveillance video then shows Komer comforting the woman and giving her a bottle of water.

According to authorities, the man stole the woman’s car and forced her to take out money from various ATMs around town.

He was soon arrested after the gas station event, as he had allegedly stolen the woman’s phone, and was quickly tracked down because of it.