Doctors Discover Disturbing Object Inside Teen’s Stomach They found a…

January 11, 2017 - By John A. Thomas

Doctors were shocked to find what was inside the body of a teenage girl in India who vomited every time she ate. A 15-year-old girl from Punjab, India, was taken to the hospital after being unable to eat or drink anything.

Medical workers found that she had a 2.2 pound hairball in her stomach that was causing her woes. The girl was diagnosed with “Rapunzel Syndrome” – also known as trichotillomania – a disorder where the subject has the overwhelming need to pull out their own hair and eat it (trichophagia).
This resulted in a large hairball developing in her stomach with its tail in her colon. Surgeons had to perform an emergency procedure to extract it.

There are less than 120 reported cases of the disease, making it extremely rare, and it mostly affects young women, according to the Daily Mail.

The Huffington Post reports that in October 2012, another teenage girl from India was found to have a massive four-pound hairball in her stomach.

The 19-year-old girl from Indore, India, could not eat or drink for days. When she went to the hospital, workers discovered a hairball weighing almost four pounds lodged between her stomach and small intestine.

The girl’s predicament was caused by her habit of nibbling on her hair and chalk while in class – a fatal mixture that wrecked her insides.

In September 2014 doctors removed a nine pounds hairball from the stomach of a teenage girl from Kyrgyzstan.

18-year-old Ayperi Alekseeva became malnourished and dehydrated, on the verge of death, after she was unable to eat or drink for months.

When doctors cut open her stomach, they were shocked to find a giant hairball that fell on the ground, according to The Telegraph.

Professor Bahadir Bebezov, senior professor of surgery at Bishkek Hospital, said:

“By the time we got her she could not even drink water. We realized we needed to operate immediately.

“It was actually the only alternative – nothing else would solve the problem. In fact her stomach was so badly swollen from hair and bits of wool from the carpet that it literally just oozed out soon as the wall of the stomach was cut.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Cover Asia Press via Daily Mail