Guy On Motorcycle Steals Trucker’s Cell Phone, Quickly Learns The Meaning Of Regret

January 11, 2017 - By Amanda F. Johnson

When a trucker driver sees that a thief is trying to get away with his phone, the driver unleashes his kung fu skills to kick the thief to the ground on his speeding moped.

In the video clip below, which was captured on surveillance footage, you can see the thief climbing up into the cab of the semi-truck to grab the driver’s cellphone. He then jumps back down and pretends it is his phone before hopping on his scooter and speeding away.

But the eagle-eyed truck driver and apparent kung fu master noticed the man in the act of stealing. He wasn’t able to get there fast enough. But he didn’t forget what the thief looked like and found him again a few minutes later…

CCTV footage from Foshan in Guangdong, south east China, shows the trucker running out into the road.

The driver, who everyone says is a kung fu master, leaps up into the air as the scooter comes straight toward him.

The master clears the handlebars and then delivers a flying kick to the driver’s chest – knocking him off the speeding scooter…

The criminal falls to the ground and the trucker gets to his feet before punching the thief in the shoulder. With the crook on his back, the truck driver and kung fu master allows him to stand – only to watch him fall again as the scooter pushes him back to the cement.

The footage, which was filmed this Sunday, then shows the moped rider giving the stolen phone back to the kung fu master.

Thousands of people are impressed by the footage.

“Wow and the cig kept on glowing in his mouth thats a Dude..!!”

“it takes years of training in the mountains to learn that move!”

“thats how its done …… LIKE A BOSSSSS !!!!!”

“Kick ass great. But how he managed to spot the scooter rider coming back and sprint into action is even more amazing.”

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