Man Behind Disgusting Video That Went Viral Is Finally Arrested, Karma Will Be Painful

January 11, 2017 - By Bruce P. Roberts

We all know crime is a big problem here in the United States, but it is not a uniquely American problem.

We just found a security video of a woman being mugged in a shopping center in Germany, and it demonstrates that even in some of the most advanced nations in the world, we are never truly safe from violence. Before you watch the video, please be warned that it is graphic.

A German website called Der Politiker is promoting a video of a recent violent assault in a shopping center. In it, the assailant is seen stalking a man and woman, before rushing the female and knocking her to the ground with a hard kick to the back, before running off. The strangest part of the whole thing is that it does seem that an accomplice to the assailant is the one documenting the attack.

No reason is given for the attack, but it follows just days after another similar incident in Berlin, in which a woman was kicked down a flight of stairs.

Since being posted, the video has been seen almost a million times, with people taking to social media to express their outrage at such a meaningless and vicious assault.

“Is this a thing now? It’ll turn it to the latest ‘craze’ you watch. Disgusting behaviour! String the perpetrators up by their nether regions!! What on earth?! Humans are a really shit race! Despicable! How would they feel if some prat fluid this to their wife/mother/sister or god forbid, grandmother?”- AnnaBeanie

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