Man Searches For Birth Mother Online, Then Finds Photo Of 7 Men Who Look Exactly Like Him

January 11, 2017 - By Amanda F. Johnson

Jeff Purner always wondered who his biological parents were. It was only a few years after the passing of his adoptive parents that he decided to look for the couple who gave him up 45 years ago.

He received his birth certificate from Massachusetts, and the document listed his birth mother’s name: Lynn Patricia Smith. An initial Internet search revealed nothing, as the name was far too common.

But one day last year, after finishing his morning prayers, he decided to search again. And this time, the search yielded much more.

Sadly, he realized that his birth mother had passed away when he found her obituary online. But she had a family: she had married a man named Alfred Deeb and together, they had nine children.

He searched Facebook for the name, and saw a photo that struck him immediately. It showed seven men, almost all identical. And they bore a striking resemblance to Jeff himself. He even found an Alfred Deeb who managed the well-known Jack’s Drive In in Wynantskill, New York, and decided to travel there to find out if he was this man’s biological child.

Through an employee, he managed to get Alfred on the phone, and the conversation quickly turned emotional: Jeff’s birthday confirmed that he was Alfred’s son.

He said, “[…] yesterday was your birthday Jeff, because I prayed for you yesterday like I have through all the years.”

To find out the extraordinary circumstances of his adoption, be sure to watch!

He may have never met his mother, but now Jeff has gained a very large family.