Mom Drops Milk As Children Begin Screaming In Parking Lot, Suddenly She Notices The Elderly Woman The woman was…

January 11, 2017 - By Patricia J. Herring

When Kristin Sherman, a mother of two young boys in Bay’s County Township, Michigan, was leaving the grocery store on New Year’s Eve, she spilled the gallon of milk that she had bought all over the parking lot. Sherman says that she felt “exhausted and defeated” after a difficult day.

Just as Sherman was at the end of her rope, a kind older woman approached the family, Sherman said in a Facebook post that has since gained over 13,000 likes and 2,000 shares.
“I’m so sorry you spilled your milk,” the woman told Sherman. “I’m a grandma, I know how that is. Please let me go in and get you another one.”

While the mom told her that she couldn’t accept the offer, the grandmother insisted, and told Sherman and her sons to wait outside while she went in to buy them a new gallon of milk.

“I finally agreed because I knew the boys needed their milk tonight,” she said.

Sherman said the gesture brought her to tears.

“It doesn’t seem like a huge deal until you find yourself with two tired kids buckled in their seats, one crying parked almost at the end of the parking lot because it’s NYE,” she said in her post. “Who shops on NYE with kids, LOL.”

The “parking lot grandma” returned not only with the gallon of milk to replace what had spilled, but another gallon of milk and a gift card to the grocery store, Meijer. Sherman asked to pay the woman back for the milk, but she says the woman wouldn’t accept.

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