Rescuers Find Cat ‘Dragging A Carpet,’ Then Shave Off 5 Pounds Of Fur And He Totally Transforms

January 11, 2017 - By Bruce P. Roberts

Caring for a pet takes a lot of love and patience, but for elderly pet owners, it’s not always possible to provide that care.

As a person ages, they may find it less and less feasible to feed and groom their cat or dog, and getting around themselves can become difficult, too. This isn’t their fault, and that’s why an elder’s family must look after him or her as closely as needed!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for the elderly gentleman who owned Sinbad, a cat. Sinbad grew out five pounds of fur before rescuers from the Anti-Cruelty Society saved him from his situation. The individuals who called the rescuers said that it looked like the cat was “dragging a carpet.”

Sinbad was given the shave he needed, and after, he looked like a totally different cat! His legs had atrophied from lack of use, but thanks to his rescuers, he’s now able to live a more comfortable life.

Warning: Some of the images below may be difficult to view.

Facebook / Elliott Serrano / Josie Niebling

“Our Humane Investigators got a call about a cat living with an elderly gentleman that looked like it was ‘dragging a carpet,’” Sinbad’s foster dad Elliott Serrano wrote on Facebook. “The gentleman wasn’t able to care for himself, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Sinbad would look like this. Still…it was tragic on many levels.”

Facebook / Elliott Serrano / Josie Niebling

“Despite his condition, Sinbad was friendly and tolerant…”

Facebook / Elliott Serrano / Josie Niebling

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