Young Woman’s ‘Sexy’ Selfie Goes Viral Because Of What’s In Background; Look Closer (Photo) If you look closely…

January 11, 2017 - By John A. Thomas

A woman’s sexy selfie went viral for a shocking but obvious reason — sparking criticism across the Internet.

A woman known only as Alyssa posted a photo to Twitter of her wearing a black sparkle dress with the caption, “Going to dinner because I needed an excuse to wear this.”
The photo quickly went viral, but not for good reason. Viewers started commenting on how messy the woman’s room looked in the background of the photo.

“I would clean my room first then I would take a picture,” one viewer commented, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported.

“My mom would’ve said ‘yo ass ain’t goin no where till this damn room clean,'” another added.

In a similar incident, a photo that went viral showed a man on a train with a woman sleeping on his shoulder. The woman wasn’t someone he knew, however. She was a random, mysterious traveler.

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